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Automotive, service and repair

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Over the last few years, we have completed projects for companies from the automotive, service and repair industry.

Our portfolio includes modern car showrooms, TIR service stations, production plants for automotive parts as well as car body and paint shops.

Automotive Automotive Automotive


We have experience in the construction of component manufacturing facilities for the automotive industry, which is based on our collaboration with major companies from that sector.


Servicing Servicing Servicing
Servicing Servicing Servicing


We have built truck servicing centres provided with diagnostic channels, specialised lifts and the whole package of systems that ensure proper operation of servicing stations.  We translate our customers’ needs into modern facilities which integrate the requirements of vehicle service, lacquering and bay carwash stations.



Automotive industry Automotive industry Automotive industry

Automotive industry

This is a dynamically growing sector. The manufacturers try to outdo one another in creating new car models. This is followed by the need to strengthen the brand image, and as a general contractor working for many customers, we have contributed to building a solid infrastructure and environment in the form of modern sales and service facilities.