Today's construction is full of exciting challenges. 

Since 1989 we have been delivering projects as general contractor and designer around the whole country. We specialize in production and warehouse facilities which are equipped with innovative production technologies and the most recent storage solutions. Following the latest trends in sustainable development we contribute economically, environmentally and socially to the communities we work in. On a daily basis we work with global corporations as well local companies for which our experience and knowledge is the very foundation of success.

Food and bakery industry

Food production and processing is one of the most demanding and responsible industry and specific sanitary conditions. Each time we analyze the process of production and required parameters for storing raw materials and products. Our wide experience enable us to select appropriate solutions for production zones, clean rooms and process installations. Thus, we ensure proper environment and production conditions.

We stand out focusing on Clients’ needs, thus our proposals are tailored to expectations and delivered with highest quality.

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Chemical and paints industry

We have an extensive experience in the execution of facilities for the chemical and paint industry. This type of production uses hazardous and highly reactive chemicals such as acids, alkalis, solvents and oxides. For this reason, projects designed and built by us are often classified as plants with an increased or high risk of industrial accidents, which must meet environmental, fire&safety and health &safety requirements.

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Pharmaceutical industry

The highest production standards and Good Manufacturing and Distribution Practices are the key elements for the quality of pharmaceutical products.  We build production and storage buildings with EMS systems for temperature control, humidity and pressure. Our experience in the design and construction of specialized facilities results in effective project validation and pharmaceutical authorization.


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Printing and packaging industry

For many years, we have been conducting investments for companies from printing and packaging industry. In these type of projects the key elements are precise foundation for printing machines and controlled work environment. Our portfolio includes warehouses for cylinders and printing forms as well as production facilities for packaging based on printed monofilms and laminates or decorative surfaces using rotogravure printing methods and digital printing.

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Transport, logistics and storage

We specialise in designing and building logistic and storage facilities

The e-commerce dynamic development as well as cross-border trade drives the demand for logistics space and transport services. We are partner for the largest operators in transport and intermodal services sector. We have extensive experience in the construction of logistic centers, cross-dock warehouses and special storage facilities such as cold stores.

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Metal and plastic processing

We design and build modern plants for metalworking and plastic processing. These buildings require rigorous solutions in the settlement and deformation of foundations for machines, as well as precise ventilation and air conditioning systems that maintain constant air parameters and working conditions. We have successfully completed plants manufacturing CNC machine tools and plastic parts for well known brands.

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Automotive, service and repair

Over the last few years, we have completed projects for companies from the automotive, service and repair industry. Our portfolio includes modern car showrooms, TIR service stations, production plants for automotive parts as well as car body and paint shops.

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