Jakon for Ardagh

We became the general contractor of the glassworks in Wyszków for Ardagh Glass S.A. belonging to the Ardagh Group. Ardagh Group is one of the largest companies in the world dealing in the production of metal and glass packaging. The concern has 56 production plants in 12 countries and employs nearly 16,000 people. In Poland, it has 3 plants - in Ujście, Gostyń and Wyszków.

The investment includes the design and construction of the most modern glass packaging production hall in this part of Europe, along with the construction of technological lines and production lines. More than 70 designers from several dozen companies took part in the arrangements and design consultations. As the main designer and contractor, we modeled the entire facility in 3D technology, taking into account all parts of the facility (cold and hot end) along with devices such as a combined building, glass furnace and automatic machines, glass melting devices, control lines, ceramic filter with a chimney, lehrs.

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