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  • Analysis of demand, preparation of an initial building concept and approximate cost estimate for the investment,
  • The preparation of the design for a building and the obtaining of a building permit - we employ experienced architects and designers who will create a customised design for the ordered investment. As we prepare the design, we always consult the Client that approves the respective stages of work and introduces its own ideas, so that the effect of design work could lead to an accurate reflection of the needs of the Employer,

  • Earthworks and foundation works - preparation of the land for the construction work involves the delimitation of the location of the hall by a land surveyor (the calculation of earth masses and the design of the depth at which foundations are placed), the removal of the top layer of soil, excavations in the subsoil, acceptance and geotechnical examination, the pouring and appropriate protection of a foundation slab, the geodetic inspection of foundation anchors and spot footings.


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