The best subcontractor award from Hyundai Engineering Co, Ltd

On November 7, 2022, thanks to the active actions and work of the entire team, put every day to improve the safety condition of the project, we gained recognition and the award for the Best Subcontractor from Hyundai Engineering Co, Ltd for the effort and support in achieving 8 million man-hours without an accident at the Polimery Police Project .

On behalf of the entire team, the award was received personally by Project Manager Kamil Wołoszyn from the Project Manager of Hyundai Engineering, Mr. Choi Ji Hun.

Marta Nowak also won the award for the Best Employee of the OHS Service. It is worth mentioning that in previous months the award for outstanding Supervision Employees and OHS Services was also won by Marika Bednarek and Bartosz Bal.

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