Design and build for pharmaceutical distribution company

We are proceeding with an project based on the design and build model - the extension of a pharmaceutical warehouse for Poland’s leading drug distributor - Slawex. This brand, as the first one in Poland, has implemented modern logistics solutions based on systems of automatic conveyors and rack systems. It is the owner of the DPD certificate, which is the certificate of the highest quality confirming that the company implements the Good Distribution Practice in accordance with the applicable legal regulations.
Within an area of almost 9 000 m2, we are involved in the extension of the existing facility by the high bay warehouse, cold store premises and a two-storey dispatch zone including the office space. The modern warehouse will be provided with the air-conditioning and ventilation systems in order to ensure the appropriate parameters for the storage of drugs. The facility will additionally be provided with the photovoltaic installation in order to gain electricity from solar radiation. 

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