General Contractor

The Jakon company offers a general contracting service for the construction of industrial facilities.

We provide comprehensive implementation of the investment - starting from the project through obtaining relevant permits, to building production halls, warehouses and other cubic buildings with their finishing and implementation of the technological installation.

The advantages of general contracting

General contracting is a comprehensive service that allows you to quickly, efficiently and without problems (related to a wide range of subcontractors) carry out a construction investment. Our company, as a general contractor, takes over all the processes necessary to build the facility. The contracting authority does not have to plan the work, obtain relevant building permits, employ many subcontractors and monitor the progress of works. Over the years of our activity on the market, we have built a database of reliable subcontractors who are credible, possess the appropriate skills and experience necessary for meticulous and timely execution of entrusted tasks. Besides this all, a qualified team of architects, designers and engineers supervises the course of work.

Lower investment costs

We make sure that our client receives production halls, warehouses and other industrial facilities, which will meet the requirements in 100%, and at the same time we focus on cost optimization. The general contracting includes negotiating the prices of building materials, tools and accessories necessary for finishing the building. We have reliable suppliers, and large orders allow you to get favorable discounts. In addition, the VAT rate on construction materials is 8%, not 23%, as in the case of self-service investment. Thanks to this, the cost of constructing a building in the general contracting system is much lower!

Range of services

As a general contractor we support the construction industry. Our specialty is the design and construction of industrial halls, the construction of warehouses, the construction of production plants for the needs of enterprises operating in various economic sectors.

Operation of the building project as a general contractor include:

  • analysis of the demand, preparation of the initial concept of the building and an approximate cost estimate of the investment,
  • designing the building - we employ experienced architects and designers who will create an individual project of the ordered investment. During the preparation of the project, we always consult with the client who approves the individual stages and introduces his own ideas so that the effect of the design works leads to an accurate mapping of the client's needs,
  • ground and foundation works - preparation of land for construction including setting out the location of the hall by the surveyor (counting earth masses and designing the foundations foundation depth), removing the top soil, local soil excavation, receiving and geotechnical examination, flooding and adequate protection of the foundation slab, control geodetic foundation anchors and feet, mapping the needs of the customer,
  • reinforced concrete works - works include foundation of poles, beams, reinforced concrete beams, foundations and ceilings, reinforcement of reinforced concrete slabs, reinforcement of ramps and driveways for halls or warehouses,
  • construction and assembly works - this stage begins delivery to the construction site of materials from which industrial halls will be made. Then our teams deal with the construction of walls, roofs and ceilings as well as other construction parts of the building,
  • finishing works - this stage covers all works, the aim of which is to change the building from the raw state to ready-to-cast - including execution of industrial floors, installation of door and window joinery,
  • design and installation- plumbing, electrical installation, technological ventilation, efficient air conditioning,
  • flashing and cladding assembly.

The construction of production halls may also cover the design and assembly of modern technological lines (including compressed air, steam and condensate installations, refrigeration, automated industrial pipelines, installations for pneumatic transport).
At customer's request, we can construct in the halls structures that serve as technological platforms, production platforms and service platforms (stainless steel, carbon steel and TWS).

The construction of warehouses can be enriched with the design and installation of a cooling system (for the needs of a cold store or freezer) or precise air-conditioning (eg for the needs of pharmaceutical production).

Get to know our projects 

The Jakon company, as a general contractor in industrial construction, has been operating since 1989. Since that time, we have completed numerous projects for enterprises from many different industries. Our previous implementations include production halls, warehouses and other facilities for the food and bakery industry, pharmaceutical, chemical, printing, Automotive, metal and plastics processing and companies from the logistics and transport sector.

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